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TrophiPatch is the first allogeneic cellular skin patch which promotes superior cicatrization of skin wounds through the active restoration of a functional vasculature.

A functional vasculature, which is lost in the case of chronic wounds, is the base for effective and timely healing.

ThrophiPatch contains adipose-derived stem cells, or simply ASCs, immersed in an active supporting matrix. ASCs are prepared from the fat tissue of healthy individuals and have the unique ability to actively secrete a multitude of angiogenic and growth factors that stimulate the patient's own healing process. Using HekeTiss' proprietary technology, ASCs grown within the TrophiPatch matrix increase their inherited angiogencic and "healing" stimulation capacity and gain an increased ability to stimulate the regrowth of host-derived vessels in the wound, accelerating the healing process. 

TrophiPatch is based on more than 4 years of research and has successfully passed pre-clinical animal testing for safety and efficacy. HekeTiss is planning to initiate first-in-human testing in 2023.



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